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Levels of demand for oil, gasoline, and petroleum have transcended global records. Receded oil reserves call for exploration and production into extreme environments throughout the globe. WTEC, as a cable manufacturing leader, is prepared to provide for today’s upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. With over twenty-five years’ experience and one of the largest energy portfolios in the world, WTEC delivers the cost-effective, high-quality results that naturally flow from fully integrating and synergizing the industry’s most connected and knowledgeable material- and equipment-supply manufacturing groups with an unrivaled team of energy engineering expertise. WTEC, with in-house support of an internal logistics team, is strategically located to meet time critical orders and ensure that your project’s materials and equipment arrive where and when they are needed, while maximizing efficiencies that ensure minimal costs. WTEC’s vast experience, fully integrated operational structure, and uncompromised standards for quality control all ensure that your project will be on time, on budget, and on spec. There are rigorous environmental challenges faced through onshore exploration of oil and gas. WTEC offers a full sphere of cabling products that are manufactured to the same standard as a WTEC’s industry recognized energy cables which use the latest technology and highest quality control regulations, ability to withstand the most challenging environments and offer maximum life efficiency. In the most hazardous environments, WTEC’s Type P power, control, and instrumentation cables for land drilling rigs maintain the operational integrity of mission-critical applications and equipment. WTEC’s Electrical Submersible Pump Cables for oil and gas wells and coal beds offer ultimate longevity and are capable of withstanding the harsh, gaseous, and corrosive environments in which they are used. WTEC also offers an array of wellhead and packer penetrator systems for use with electrical submersible pumps. WTEC’s wellhead penetrators are reliable systems that reduce exposure to reactive agents and eliminate the need for cable splicing, ensuring safety and reducing costly hours of rigging. WTEC offers a variety of wellhead penetrator systems that are designed to function in various applications. All these products are designed to meet the highest classifications for the operation of electrical equipment in hazardous and explosive environments safety compliances within the United States. Upstream Onshore Cable-Land Rig Solutions for Exploration & Production
ESP Cable
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LNG Refining and Petrochemical Solutions for Midstream & Downstream LNG & Refining
WTEC offers a full range of instrumentation, power & control cables for midstream and downstream applications. Our precisely engineered, sophisticated configurations use only the highest compounds and materials to ensure the maximum life of use in refining systems that are more advanced and elaborate than they have ever been. WTEC’s impervious, continuously welded and corrugated X-Weld® range of cables are premium, high grade power cables for use in hazardous locations including Classes I, II and III, Divisions 1 and 2; and Class I, Zones 1 and 2 per NEC articles 501, 502, 503 and 505. Complying with these regulations through strict testing, means confident reliance on WTEC’s X-Weld cables to meet your power cable requirements.

WTEC offers a complete range of Type P cable for use as power cable, signal cable and control cables with armoring, sheathing and conductor configuration and sizes to accommodate customer requirements. WTEC’s Type P cable is suitable for power, control, signal and instrumentation uses across multiple environments including oil rigs both offshore and onshore, oil and gas moisture, marine vessels and ester-based mud.


  • In order to perform under the challenging conditions in which drilling occurs, all WTEC cables comply with the IEEE specifications including:
  • IEEE 45 (1998), IEEE 1580 (2001) and UL 1309/CSA245 approved while simultaneously meeting the operation requirements of IEC 60092-3.
  • Det Norske Veritas Type Approval Certificates E8792, E8793, E8794, E8795 and E8796.
  • American Bureau of Shipping Approval Certificate 03-HS347018C/3-PDA.
  • Lloyds Registry of Shipping. Approval Certificates No. 95/00161(E3) and 95-00162(E3).
  • Transport Canada Approved AMS400-20-2



This build quality and reliability means WTEC Type P cable can withstand perpetual vibration, mechanical stress, resistance to oil, mud, salt corrosion and extreme temperatures - continuous operating temperature of 125C that allows for higher ampacity levels



The complete configurations of WTEC's ESP system power cables offer maximum life efficiency.  WTEC's ESP cables are a sophisticated assemblage, all which consist of the highest caliber materials. All components from the conductor, insulation, barrier, jacket, and armor are manufactured to the same standard as WTEC's industry recognized cables which use the latest technology and highest quality control regulations.


WTEC offers round and flat ESP Cable to comply with casing diameter that feature a layered/ armored construction. These cables are appropriate for a range of temperatures up to 450°F/ 232°C, gas content including carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide, chemicals such as sulfuric acid or carbonic acid and high pressure environments.  WTEC's ESP cables are available in 3000, 4000, 5000, and 8000 voltage ratings, with upwards to two embedded 3/8in. capillary lines, and American Wire Gauge (AWG) conductor sizes of 1,2,4, and 6. All WTEC's ESP cabling feature fully annealed, high-conductivity bare copper or tin coated for cost-effectiveness and additional protection against corrosion.




Our X-WeldTM product group provides a complete selection to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry and offers cables from 300 voltage instrumentation through 35 kV power cable. Continuous aluminum armor is applied as a continuous strip of aluminium, which is wrapped around the cable and welded at the seam for impenetrability. Corrugation permits bending without kinking. Continuous armored cable provides protection from liquids as well as crush and impact protection. It is designed to ensure maximum life efficiency in extreme environments where it is exposed to chemicals and/or moisture. X-WeldTM is constructed according to the standardization by the refining industry as the only acceptable product construction1 and is the primary in offshore production platforms, refineries, LNG facilities, and petrochemical processing mills.






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