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WTEC's Electric Feed-thru System
WTEC offers electric submersible pump users and operators both feed through and connector systems for use with ESPs providing the connection from a surface power source to the downhole pump. These well surface systems are made up of three distinct components: WTEC Surface Connectors are applicable for use with various cable sizes, including WTEC’s X-Weld MV-105 cables supplied in assorted lengths. WTEC Wellhead Penetrators have been designed to accommodate multiple O.D. profiles including various tubing hanger and wellhead designs. WTEC wellhead penetrators provide power through the wellhead and also work to sustain a pressure block between down well and atmospheric pressures. WTEC Lower Connectors have been engineered for use with either flat or round ESP cables in a system engineered to combine maximum wellbore endurance and full flexibility. All WTEC connector systems use WTEC’s X-Weld MV-105 cable and complement the complete range of WTEC ESP cables.
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