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WTEC provides electrical components directly to turbine manufacturers and to wind farms in all phases of development. From the top of the tower to the utility interconnect; our product-packaged approach streamlines purchasing and material management while offering both cost and administrative savings.


WTEC has extensive knowledge of cable, tower internals, collection systems, substations and transmission lines, which allows our customers to take advantage of our expertise from the proposal stage to project completion. By offering cost and delivery evaluation and material management,  WTEC ensures the cost-effective, on-time fulfillment of our customers' needs.


WTEC will find a solution for your project's needs, whether that means a complete wind farm or a single component.

Low Voltage Cables & Accessories

WTEC offers a wide range of cables and cable accessories for Wind Farms and Utility Scale Projects. At the point of power generation to collection, WTEC supplies  a variety of Wind Tower Cables. From the point of collection to conversion, WTEC can provide various Low Voltage cable solutions, Aluminum and Copper, to meet any design criteria.


In addition to supplying materials, WTEC is a UL certified harness facility capable of manufacturing cable assemblies, to provide plug and play site installation.













Size #8-1000 kcmil


600 V - 2 kV

AL 1350/8000 Series

ICEA S-95-658, LL49

UL Standard 854 for Type USE-2

UL Listed for RHH, RHW-2


Size #8-1000 kcmilW

Aluminum Conductor Cables

Compression Lugs











Double Hole Connectors: Long Barrel

Wire sizes 8 Gauge through 4/0 AWG

250 – 1000 MCM

Compression Connectors:


AL and CU

UL 486A

1-Hole, 2-Hole

Standard/Narrow Tongue

DLO Cables











600V - 2 kV

2/0 AWG – 929.2 kcmil

UL 1685



C22.2 No.38

NEC Article 310


Cable Harness











IPC-620-A Certified

ISO Certified 9001:2008

UL-817 – E#: E-319420




Multi Conductor Control Cables











Size 2/0 - 18 AWG

600 V or WTTC 1 kV

2 to 25 conductors or pairs

UL and CSA listed

Wet/ Dry Locations

Sunlight Resistant

Flame Retardant

Nuts, bolts and washers











Assorted Low Voltage hardware: Nuts, Bolts, Washers

Cable ties












Molded From a 6/6 Nylon

Variety of Sizes and Styles

Weather Resistant For Outdoor Use

UL Standard 62275

UL 1565

NEC Section 300.22

UL Listed 181 B-C


Medium Voltage Cables & Accessories

After power is converted into AC by the inverter and stepped by the transformer, electricity is then distributed throughout the collection system. The primary distribution mechanism would be via Medium Voltage Cables (15kV-35kV). WTEC MV Cables are sized from 1/0AWG thru 1500kcmil, and are offered in various types of construction and configuration. All cables are suitable for direct burial application, and can also be manufactured for Cable Tray installation. Also installed with the Medium Voltage Cables are underground fiber optic cables, which provide data communication between the power generators. WTEC also supplies MV cable accessories, such as termination & splice kits, which connect the cables to power equipment.

WTEC does more testing than industry standards require. IEEE 386 requires either Impulse or AC Withstand. We run both on all of our products.

Aluminum & Copper Conductor Cables











15 kV – 35 kV

TRXLPE and EPR Insulation (100% and 133%)


Copper Concentric Neutrals or Copper Tape Shield


1"-2" Innerduct









Pre-installed or separate



Deadbreak/Loadbreak Terminations











15 kV – 35 kV

200 A and 600/900 A

Aluminium and Copper

ANSI/IEEE Std 386:

For Separable Insulated Connector Systems

ANSI C119.4: For Electric Connectors

IEEE Std 592: For Exposed Semiconducting Shields

6-144 Strand Fiber Optic Strand











Single Mode or Multi Mode

Dry Buffer or Gel-filled

Loose Tube

Dielectric Central Strength Member

Glass Yarns and Polyethylene Jacket

Direct Installations in Duct

Outdoors, Indoors and Direct Burial

Surge Arrestors











15 kV – 35 kV

200 A – 600 A

MCOV Rating (kVrms) – 22, 24, 27, 29, 38

IEEE C.62.11

IEEE 386

Junction Boxes











Ground Sleeves, pre-installed with 15kV-35kV Junctions

Splice Kits, and Substation/

Riser Pole Termination Kits











1/0 AWG - 1250 kcmil


Grounding Materials

WTEC provides a variety of grounding conductors suitable for uninsulated hook up, jumpers and grounds in electrical construction. Bare copper conductors are primarily used in both aerial and buried applications; WTEC also offers an equivalent, copper clad steel, which can provide a significant cost savings. Along with these grounding cables, WTEC can supply various grounding terminations and connectors.

Bare Copper Conductors











#12AWG – 1000kcmil

Solid and stranded

Classes AA, A, B and C

Meets ASTM specifications:

B-1, B-2, B-3, B-787 and B-8

Hard, medium-hard and soft tempers

Copper Clad Steel Conductor











A Variety of Gauges

Single and Stranded

Available in 30% and 40% Dead-soft Annealed

Meets ASTM Specifications:

B-193, B-452, B-227, B-228 and B-910

Rural Utilities Service Listed

Grounding Accessories











Copper Grounding Lugs


Compression Connectors




Ground Straps

Ground Rods and Exothermic and Mechanical Connectors











1/0 -1250 kcmil


WTEC Power Equipment Supplies

WTEC also provides three phase pad mount distribution transformers that are designed and manufactured to meet all applicable ANSI and RUS standards for installation on three phase underground systems. These transformers step up the output voltages of the inverters to the required distribution voltage. Available ratings are 30 kVA – 3.0 MVA with high voltages 2.4 – 34.5 kV (150 kV BIL) and low voltages up to 600 V. WTEC is a UL508A panel facility (E317121) that has been providing panels, such as combiner boxes, to the renewable energy industry for over a decade. We are able to provide combiner boxes with multiple string configurations, listed to UL1741 standards, and enclosures that are NEMA 4X Fiberglass, and NEMA 3R, 4, 4X stainless steel.












Up to 2500 Amps

Available with 2 or 3 Poles

Combiner Boxes











600 V-1000 V

NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure

Up to 24 Inputs

Available Current Monitoring

Rated up to 50 Degrees Celsius

UL1741 Certified


Integrated Ehouses and Skids









Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environment

Secure Access

Maximum Protection for Transformer and Inverters

Nema 3R Steel Enclosure










12.47 – 35kV

Utilize SF6 Gas

SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relays Available

Current Transformer For Control Use

Complies with IEEE C37.72, C37.34, C37.60, ANSI/IEEE 386, IEC 60265-1

12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Enclosure

GSU Padmount Transformers









12.47kV – 35kV

3-Phase Liquid-Filled

Integrated Breakers Available

GSU Padmount Transformers












Grounded Wye/Delta

Conforms with ANSI C57.12.00, C57.12.26, C57.12.90, C57.12.28, ANSI/IEEE 32-1972



WTEC Overhead & Transmission Line Cables

After all power is collected from the solar arrays, they are transmitted to the electrical substation, which steps up the voltage for connection to the main electrical grid. Overhead/Transmission Line cables are primarily used to distribute this power. ACSR cable offers optimal strength for transmission line design, and enables desired strength to be achieved without degradation of ampacity.













Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced



ASCR Conductor Cables













Strand Diameter 1/4" - 1"

Galvanized Steel Strand

Meets REA and ASTM Specifications:

A111, A363, A474, A475, A586, B500

EHS Steel Wire












Stainless Steel Tube

Aluminium Core

Fibers Protected From Environmental Conditions

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

WTEC Wind OEM Products

WTEC delivers OEM electrical internals from the Nacelle to the Down Tower System. Our value-added services offers customers cost out opportunities leveraged from our purchasing volume and expert labor force. We serve not only manufacturers, but also repair and maintenance companies.


Our 70,000 square ft of assembly manufacturing and warehouse space houses a full inventory of cables, cable glands, light fixtures, lugs and ferrules. This immense stock, along with our superior packaging operation, provides customers with the guarantee of a cost-effective, efficient purchase. WTEC has recently added capabilities to manufacture molded cable assemblies for Solar and Wind industries.


Our customized electrical internals are designed, packaged and kitted for efficient installation

MV Termination with Tin Copper Ground Strap.

 90ª Degree Electrical Connector

Special Order over Molded Connector


WTEC Wind Substation Products

WTEC provides substation and transmission material packaging using an organized purchasing and material management system. All equipment and materials are produced by top quality manufacturers.


Substation and transmission materials can be purchased by line item or in one convenient package. We are adaptable — meeting your desired scope of work.


Our process combines flexibility with conformance. Whether using your bill of materials or our material takeoff, WTEC staff makes sure that all items fulfill customer specifications.


We're committed to meeting your delivery requirements, working diligently with you to meet those critical deadlines.


In addition to materials, WTEC's Engineering Division offers substation design services.

Substation Materials


Products can be purchased as a package or as individual elements.

Steel Structures

Bus Tubing & Conductor

Bus Fittings


Grounding materials

Overhead Static materials

Power transformers

Circuit breakers

Disconnect switches


Capacitor Banks

Lightning Arrester




Fiber and accessories

Switch gear


Relay and Control

Control Cable


Transmission Line Products

Transmission Line Products


Products can be purchase as a package or as individual elements





Spacer Cable


OPGW and accessories







Power Helix











Line Fittings








Copper Clad Steel







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